• Horse Polo

Called the royal sport of Ladakh, Horse Polo is celebrated with much fanfare by the locals. The set-up is surreal, and there is a shamiana which roofs over a live kitchen next to the playground. Come, join the mountains as they keep a watchfull eye on the fast-paced game played by six players in each team. Traditional Ladakhi song and music celebrates all the goals scored.

• Monastery Tours

Ladakh is the land of the lamas where legends and folklores thrive. With TUTC you get to experience the morning prayer ceremony at monasteries, meet monks who have innumerable stories to share with you, soak in the ancient art and culture of the Drukpa clan, see the ruins and destruction caused by mongols, and much more.

• Cultural Tours

Ladakh has a lot to offer when it comes to culture and tradition. Live it with the locals as you visit a temple where nuns from all over the region stay, meditate, study philosophy, and follow the monastic life. TUTC also exposes you to a seance session with spirits, which is something that the lamas believe in. Learn the art of making mud bricks, participate in a soul-evoking journey through the spirit world, and visit famous landmarks that speak of the architecture in the region.

• River Rafting

TUTC indulges your adventurous side with white water rafting on the Indus river with gentle grade I and grade II rapids. Pass through some of the most scenic areas of Ladakh, with beautiful monasteries and gompas standing tall as you row along the canyons of Ladakh and Zanskar ranges. Celebrate your jubilation with a lavish lunch along the banks of the Indus river.

• Archery

Something about holding a bow and arrow in the wild at a high altitude makes for an enhanced experience altogether. Imagine the sound of a swooshing arrow hurtling through the thick cold air towards a set target with surreal landscape in the background. Challenge yourself with the archery sessions at the TUTC camps, will you be able to concentrate on the targets or will the scenery distract your mind?

• Hiking Tours

They all say that the best places are discovered on foot. We, at TUTC, believe that. To get you in touch with the local culture and natural treasures of the region, there are easy walks around the campsite as well as hikes to rural places and under the night sky which lays out the Milky Way for you to gaze up at.

• Cycling Tours

The route to Wari La takes you on the fourth-highest motorable road in the world, and it rewards you with panoramic views of the Nubra Valley which will stay with you forever. TUTC offers a cycling tour along one of the best tracks in Ladakh, on the mountain side, traversing its way till the green land of Sakti village onto the final destination of Kharu town.