Chronicles Of The Jungle, Unfurled (VIDEO)

Unfurl the chronicles of the jungle at The Jaagir Lodge in Dudhwa with TUTC.

Unfurl the chronicles of the jungle at The Jaagir Lodge in Dudhwa with TUTC.

Take a break from the pacing city life. Slow down, take a deep breath. And for once, freeze this moment.

Now imagine, you hear a soft chirp coming from somewhere far away. There’s a soft call from the woods. And a colorful little bird is perched on the branch of a very old tree. The tree has its roots grounded deep into the Earth. The jungle is dense and there’s more to it than just that little bird. There’s more to it than just that big, old tree. There’s a river streaming through the heart of the forest and there are creatures that live in these woods. The singing bird has flown away now. But a whole new flock of birds, larger than the bird you just heard, comes flying down and they rest by the river bank. There are deers, wolves, bears and tigers near the river and deep within the forest – and then there are a few more. No, a lot more!

Would you dare go into the woods?

Would you dare trust the wild?

Maybe you would, after all.

You do long to find that colorful little bird. You want to see those wild beasts wandering in the woods. You would love catch a glimpse od the wild creatures of the forest, up close. The stealth of the jungle cats, their pride, their walk – oh, you want to see it all!

It’s time. Lets, go to the jungle and live this dream. Let’s go into the wild, and let’s do it right.

Unfurl the chronicles of the jungle with The Ultimate Travelling Camp at The Jaagir Lodge at Dudhwa. Come, #UnHoliday at Dudhwa where you explore the wildlife in the Terai region. You can spot different species of animals, birds, reptiles and aquatic beings, including endangered species too.

With TUTC, you come face-to-face with wild beasts – to whom, it is just another day of living in the wild. You can watch them wander around freely, or even catch them while on the hunt, as you uncover different parts of the Dudhwa Natural Reserve on a thrilling wildlife safari. You would also sleep like a royal in the super-elite Jaagir Lodge, which stands tall in all its majesty in the heart of the jungle. With TUTC, you will not only experience the raw and rugged side of the wild, but will also feel at home in the luxurious accomodation and services provided by us.

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Make this unique experience your own with inspired jungle living at TUTC’s Jaagir Lodge, Dudhwa.

Words By: Jovita Elveera Mendonca

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