Customer Review: Of Early Mornings, Bedtime Stories, Barbecue Dinners & More

Ask Namita Kulkarni the best part about glamping with TUTC and she’ll tell you all about the luxury and the handpicked experiences. From attending a morning prayer to cycling through the dramatic landscapes, here’s the second installment of Namita’s glamping experience.

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View of the Thiksey Monastery from the tent

View of the Thiksey Monastery from the tent

The Thiksey Monastery

The Thiksey Monastery overlooks TUTC in more ways than one, with its head monk (known as Rinpoche) having blessed the camp. Either ways, it would be hard not to feel blessed in a campsite such as this, with tents opening out to wide pastures, a view of the monastery ahead and snow-capped mountains all around.

A monastery-visiting magpie

A monastery-visiting magpie

Flowers and birds show up in a dizzying variety in Ladakh, with as many as 225 species of birds here. The Himalayan magpie made the most frequent appearances, and this one showed up at the Thiksey monastery after we witnessed a surreal early morning call to prayer on the rooftop.

Good Morning Thiksey!

Good Morning Thiksey!

An impossible number of stairs had led us to a rooftop where two monks greeted the day in a way we’ve never taken the trouble to. A sense of occasion filled the air, as did the morning chill that forced us to eventually descend from the rooftop into warmer (by Ladakhi standards) parts of the monastery.

Surprise Barbecue Dinner Under The Stars

There was something here for each one of your senses. The people, the laughter, the music, the food, the wine, the views and the sharp nip in the air you could either resist or just acquire a taste for.

There was something here for each one of your senses. The people, the laughter, the music, the food, the wine, the views and the sharp nip in the air you could either resist or just acquire a taste for.

This moon-and-lantern lit night was my most treasured memory of the entire glamping experience. Bonfires in buckets and our hot dinner were the long-missed heat we snuggled close to, watching the moon take centre stage amid an entourage of clouds. Lots of music and a little wine later, the dining turned into dancing. Which went on until the cold winds blew us back into the warm confines of our tent. Layers of blankets upon layers of warm robes seemed just about enough to keep us from freezing. I remember dreaming of the barbecue dinner all over again that night, and for good reason.

Cycling Through The Boondocks Of Ladakh

Slightly breathless but all smiles!

Slightly breathless but with a view like this, there’s no stopping us!

Cycling away an afternoon on roads wending through the Ladakhi mountains made for a wonderful memory, with our guides taking turns leading and following us. Keeping an eye on the road proved quite a challenge here, with the wide open views all around.

Bedtime Story Of The Week


One of those bedtime stories had been about four brothers discovering the Buddhist precept of harmony, mutual respect and collaboration. Words that incidentally describe the relationship between man and nature here. A synergy that we’d do well to emulate in the cities, in even the smallest of ways.

Thank you Chamba Camp Thiksey, The Ultimate Travelling Camp for all the details that went into giving us this wonderfully novel experience with sights straight out of a fairytale. If you’d like to know more, has the answers!

That was Namita Kulkarni’s glamping experience for you! To perfect the Art of Glamping, book a tent with TUTC.

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