How TUTC Adds Luxury To Camping

How exactly does a luxury camp go up? Who are the heroes behind the efficient drainage system and the four-course meals? Our guest  blogger Rupert Winchester brings you updates straight from the campsite!

It's not just a tent!

It’s not just a tent!

The amount of work that goes into putting together a camp like The Ultimate Travelling Camp (TUTC), is awe-inspiring! Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes!

The packing started in mid-September at TUTC’s Delhi warehouse. Two weeks later, after making a 12-day journey, 60 staff members arrived in a convoy of 21 trucks at Kohima, Nagaland.

Once here, they unpacked a whopping 17,000 items, and set about assembling them into this magnificent home-away-from-home that is nestled in the thick forest of eastern Nagaland. Drainage and electrical systems. Lights. Heaters. Plates and glassware. Bedding and furniture. Toiletries. Carpets. The tents. Crockery. Lampshades. Potted plants. Umbrellas and ponchos. Duvets and pillows. Sunscreen and soap. Forks and fire extinguishers. Tablecloths and teabags.The list goes on and on.

Overseeing this massive effort is TUTC’s Colonel L.P. Singh (Retd.). Calmly and efficiently, bringing all of his military skills to bear, he marshalled his team and the materials to the campsite in the Naga Hills, and created this wonderland. Working arduously long days in the rainy and leech-infested jungle, digging, hammering and laying paths and clearing undergrowth, he and his team have made Kohima Camp appear absolutely effortless.

For a guest here, none of this is obvious. You waft in, enjoy a mug of steaming Japfu Delight (honey, ginger and lime juice), followed by drinks around the bonfire and a three-course dinner, and end the cosy night in your luxury tent. TUTC is just like a swan that appears serene and elegant above the water, but continuously paddles underwater. It is a great trick to see!

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