VIDEO: Discover Ladakh With TUTC’s Luxury Camps

Nature is not a place to visit, It is Home.

Nature is not a place to visit, It is Home.

Ladakh… The name itself is enough to conjure up spectacular imagery. Imagine being there! It’s magical. It’s beautiful. It’s dramatic. It’s everything you’ve seen or heard about Ladakh, if not more. This mystical Land Of Lamas enslaves your heart in its gorgeous skies, its beautiful landscape and its warm smiles. It makes you want to return, even if it’s just to ensure that what you’ve seen, and lived, is not a dream. This is just a sliver of our dream.

Make this experience yours, with a stay at TUTC!

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TUTC operates in Ladakh during the summer months i.e. from 15th May to 10th October and in Nagaland from 29th Nov to 12th Dec to coincide with the Hornbill Festival!  To book this luxurious experience, call +91 801 090 2222 or write to us at

Here’s what awaits you at TUTC…

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