VIDEO: Dudhwa National Park, A Birder’s Paradise

They said fall in love with nature for it will never fail you.  At the Dudhwa National Park, you’ll know why they said what they said.

Birds of the DudhwaNational Park

A bird wanders freely over lotus leaves in one of the beautiful lakes of the Dudhwa National Park.

Let me take you in to a forest
Where winged creatures abide.
Listen to the mellow music
As their voices fill the void.
Watch them fly into a forest rainbow
And up higher, as they fleet into the sky.
They’re the reason, the forest grows
Sprinkling little seeds amid leap-carpeted floors.
These birds have seen more than you’ve seen
And travelled farther than you’ve been.
These graceful creatures – wild and free
Deserve a feathered life like this;
For imagine, what would have happened
If Tigers were blessed with wings!

Words By Jovita Elveera Mendonca

About The Dudhwa National Park:

When you walk into the Dudhwa National Park, you’ll be welcomed by colourful birds that fill up the air with cheerful chirping and gleeful flapping. It houses over 500 bird species like the drongos, silver-bill munia, baya weaver, cattle egret, cinnamon bittern, kingfishers, falcons, kites, owls and pheasant-tailed jacana. You can also spot hundreds of migratory birds like the bar-headed geese, shell drakes, pochards and tufted ducks during winters when the Dudhwa National Park transforms into a vast breeding ground. Watching so many birds flocking in thousands around the water bodies and doing their own thing – you’d be caught off-guard.

Here’s a tiny spec of Dudhwa’s winged creatures caught on camera:

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Here’s a peek:

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