Hampi – A Timeless, Scarred Beauty!

Hampi is the world’s only place that has sparkling rivers & bright green fields bestowed with a backdrop of life-size rock boulders – all in one place! Hampi can be a real stunner, here’s a glimpse into its extravagance!

Stone carvings of Hampi, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

There isn’t a single pillar without a carving
And not a single carving without a story
A kingdom in ruins, as we know it
Was once home to the richest in history

She’s in ruins, but she’s beautiful still, beyond compare
In her ruins, you’ll find history
Her scars are deep, yet even your sharpest knives
Fail to put her in misery
When you touch her walls
Her wrinkles shall remind you of immortal wisdom
In her aging roughness, lies the gold.

Words By Jovita Elveera Mendonca

Discover Hampi In A New Light

UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi

It’s places like these that lets you time-travel

The moment you step into Hampi, you’ll know there is an undeniable haze in the air. In a land of Gods & Faith, Kings & Kingdoms, Art & Architecture, Science & Philosophy, Wealth & Tragedy lies tales of the past, carved in impeccable detail. The Vijayanagara Empire was one of the wealthiest kingdoms in the world, during its time. And not much has changed since, if you believe in wealth beyond money and riches.

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Hampi’s Fine Artistry

A stunning product of art and stone!

A stunning product of art and stone!

Hampi is known to be an archaeological marvel with its sculptures and monuments built by techniques, way ahead of time. The planning, strategies and approaches used by the sculptors during that era continues to astound architects across the world. There are carvings on every wall and stone pillars that work as musical chords, even to this day. Everything about Hampi is surreal, its beauty is boundless. This is why, thousands of tourists flock-into this piece of paradise, every year.

Hampi’s Timeless Elegance

A beautiful Sunset captured by the Tungabadra river - the picture describes it all!

A beautiful sunset captured by the Tungabadra river.

Hampi’s landscape is as unique as it can get. There are very few places in the world that include streaming rivers and lush green fields surrounded by huge rock boulders – all in one place. The villages here are quaint and peaceful, untouched by the curious eyes of the onlookers visiting it. You can see shepherds taking their cattle for a graze during sunset – a sight that takes you in awe. Watch the birds as you sit by the Tungabadra river, ride on a coracle boat in the Sanapur lake, visit the rustic villages of Anegundi, Aihole and Badami, meet the nomads of Banjara Community, watch sunsets from hilltop and realize why the people who once came to this mystical paradise as visitors, never left the land.

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Hampi: The Land of Gods


Hampi’s Virupaksha Temple is the oldest functioning temple of India

Hampi is blessed with a high religious significance. There are many legends recited of the Gods that aboded here. Did you know that Hampi was the place where Parvati won over the heart of Lord Shiva, leading to his desire to marry her? There are also instances of Lord Ram visiting Hampi that is mentioned in the Puranas and many other enthralling details. The Virupaksha Temple, Vijaya Vittala Temple, Underground Siva Temple, Laxmi Narasimha Temple, Hazara Ram Temple and Achyutaraya Temple are the famous  temples known for their inticrate wall-carvings. It also has Jain Monuments and Mosques that are worth a visit, too.

Hampi: Through the Pedestrian’s Eye


Buy souviners at the colorful flea-markets of Hampi

Visit the rustic village of Hampi of Anegundi, spot wildlife in a safari through the Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary, shop for souviners at local Bazaars, and watch the stunning red hues of the melting sun over the city of ruins and take in everything that Hampi has to offer.

A view from inside the Badami caves of Hampi

A view from inside the Badami caves of Hampi

Marvel at the beauty in ruins of a majestic kingdom, in a land where the clock ticks backwards. Witness the grand splendor, artistry and sanctity of a few of the oldest functioning temples of the world, royal palaces of great kings, and ancient monuments dating back to 13th Century that are now, UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Hampi In A Nutshell

Vijaynagar Kingdom of Hampi, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

An aerial view of the city of ruins

Hampi has the perfect combination of history, culture, beauty, royalty, religion and modesty that makes it rather hard, to put in a nutshell. And that, undeniably is the best thing about Hampi. Words cannot justify the grandeur of a land that had once been an abode of the Gods, a realm of the richest, and a rocky museum of ruined heritage.

Hampi is a perennial beauty, an empire with a golden history. This mystical land has charmed every soul who ever dared a glance at time’s  finest scars…

Words :  Jovita Elveera Mendonca

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