The Hornbill Of Fare!

Come December, all eyes turn to Nagaland, where the past few month’s rigorous preparations culminate in the state’s biggest cultural extravaganza, The Hornbill Festival. As tribes from across the state come together, this 10-day-long annual fiesta showcases the best of Naga food, dance and sports.

Aradhuna’s tryst with the Hornbill Festival was made even more memorable thanks to the Art of Glamping she experienced at The Ultimate Travelling Camp, Kohima.

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Dressed in their traditional wear, the tribals await their turn at the enthralling Hornbill Festival

Dressed in their traditional wear, the tribals await their turn at the enthralling Hornbill Festival

The energy at the Kisama Heritage Village is infectious and one can’t help but get caught up in the flow. With 16 tribes and hundreds of adventurers coming together to participate in this cultural jamboree, one gets caught up in the roller-coaster ride of events, and it’s hard to pause even to take a breath. The long flight and the helicopter hop seem to recede into the past as I revisit The Ultimate Travelling Camp, peek into my luxury tent, test the mattress and step out for high tea. I look forward to the campfire, swapping tales with interesting people, raising toasts and devouring the incredible food. And surely, I am not disappointed.

The luxury tent tucked in the rainforest

The luxury tent tucked away in the middle of lush rainforests

Begin your day with a champagne breakfast

A champagne breakfast is the best way to start your day!

The atmosphere is absolutely carnival-like. Archery, pole climbing, pork eating, rock concerts, traditional dances, plays and fashion shows — there’s so much to see and assimilate. Some of the events take visitors, especially international travellers, by surprise with their awe-inspiring vibrant energy.

The fare at the festival deserves a special mention. Young Naga girls, with a glint in their eyes and mischievous smiles, veer you towards the eat-all-you-can buffet, which features an exotic repast that is not for the fainthearted! You could try and beat the record of eating 15 fiery local chillies, or raja mircha, in 20 seconds at the Naga King chilli eating competition, but keep the fire extinguisher handy. Also on offer are local rice beer and wines, all of which taste great.

So what's on the menu today?

So what’s on the menu today?

However, don’t go looking around for an actual hornbill, as the only ones you are likely to have a rendezvous with are wooden ones, which are sold as souvenirs, or the paper ones flapping around the arena. The whole point of the festival is to highlight the plight of these endangered birds. Save them now or soon there will only be wooden replicas of the hornbill to see.

A wooden replica of the iconic 'Hornbill'

Keep an eye out for these wooden replicas of the iconic hornbill

As the dusk settles, it’s time to head back to the camp for a quick cuppa before the night’s events. After a lavish three-course feast and some dancing, it’s time for bed, with an old-fashioned hot water bottle waiting under the quilt to warm your feet. And I sleep, dreaming of a new day with new adventures to embark on and new memories to make.


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