Introducing Jaagir Lodge In Dudhwa National Park

After curating luxury and eco-friendly experiences in the icy paradise of Ladakh and the exotic lands of Nagaland, The Ultimate Travelling Camp (TUTC) is putting down new roots in the form of Jaagir Lodge Dudhwa, a heritage structure rebranded as a luxury lodge. Nestled deep in the rainforests of Terai, Uttar Pradesh, this is one experience you shouldn’t miss. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect at TUTC’s newest offering, which operates between December 19th to June 15th every year.

Nestled deep in the rain-forests of Terai, Uttar Pradesh, a stay at the Jaagir Lodge is one experience you shouldn’t miss

Deep in the rainforests of Terai, Uttar Pradesh, the Jaagir Lodge is a luxury getaway you shouldn’t miss

The Ultimate Story:

The story behind one of India’s best tiger reserves, is the story of the once unstoppable hunter, Billy Arjan Singh, a royal prince of the Kapurthala family. Legend says the prince had a life-altering vision on one of his leopard hunts, which turned him into one of India’s greatest wildlife conservationists. On a quest to protect the diminishing number of animals in the wild, Arjan Singh started a hut (now, a swanky, heritage lodge) in the lush jungles of Dudhwa.

Over the course of his life, Arjan Singh saved a lot of animals including a herd of swamp deer, leopard cubs, and other wild cats. During one of his rescue projects, Arjan Singh stumbled upon Tara, a tigress cub he rescued from a zoo. This rescue project became one of his life’s greatest but most controversial projects, increasing the number of tigers in the country. Arjan Singh’s tireless conservation efforts led to the forest being declared as Dudhwa National Park in 1977.

The Ultimate Wildlife:

If the magic of nature and wildlife speaks to your soul, then Jaagir Lodge is the best place to have that conversation. Surrounded by national parks, which house several rare and endangered animals and birds, you’re in for a treat here.

Dudhwa National Park

Come to Dudhwa National Park and spot the near extinct one-horned rhinoceros

Come to Dudhwa National Park and spot the near extinct one-horned rhinoceros

Nestled beautifully in Uttar Pradesh’s Lakhimpur Kheri and Bahraich districts, Dudhwa National Park is a protected area in the Terai region, bordering Nepal. Watch, as the astounding animals and magical birds move freely around the fascinating marshy jungle between the Himalayas and the great plains of India. With two rivers in tow, Dudhwa National Park has the highest density of endangered animals and birds in the world. This park is also known for frequent sightings of fishing cat, hog deer, alligator, elephants, rhinos, migratory birds and more.

Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary (Dudhwa Range)

The Katarniaghat Sanctuary is a birder's paradise

The Katarniaghat Sanctuary is a birder’s paradise

Looking to spot a variety of resident and migratory birds? Look no further. Stop by this wildlife sanctuary, situated in the Dudhwa range and spot them all. Densely forested, and covered with deciduous trees, Kishanpur Sanctuary is blessed with open meadows and perennial streams.

Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary

Home to a myriad of endangered species, including the tiger, one-horned rhino, Gangetic dolphin, swamp deer, Bengal florican, and over 500 species of birds, the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary is a dream come true. Choose to enjoy an exquisite boat ride along the river and experience peaceful and fascinating glimpses of a world untouched by humans.

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

Spot the elusive tiger at Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

If you’re lucky, you can spot the majestic tiger prowling about in the lush green Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

Interspersed with enormous meadows and tranquil rivers, the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is among the most thickly forested areas in the Terai. Head here for an exciting safari, and an exploration of the rich flora and fauna of the region; with the forest lodge, canals, and bridges built during the British era.

The Ultimate Lodge:

Opening its doors to the travel connoisseurs in December 2017, the Jaagir Lodge is a mixture of our familiar ultra-luxurious rooms in a newly renovated colonial-era building, set amid some of India’s most vibrant national parks. However, what makes this experience noteworthy is TUTC’s trademark promise of personalised service, curated excursions and world-class luxury experiences.


Make yourself supremely comfortable in the luxury rooms of the Jaagir Lodge

Get ready for pure indulgence with TUTC’s supremely comfortable luxury rooms at Jaagir Lodge, Dudhwa

 Come and luxuriate in our beautiful custom-designed rooms

The perfect blend of heritage and luxury, Jaagir Lodge’s custom-designed rooms are an absolute delight!

At our Jaagir Lodge, built in the 1940s, you can be assured of supreme comfort with our options of the ultra-luxurious accommodation. Llive like royalty and spend some quality time with your friends and family, surrounded by nature and luxury, on this colonial safari-themed holiday. With personal butlers at your service, an in-house tour manager, boutique shop with the best local offerings, doctor-on-call service, and an extensive library to browse through, TUTC ensures you are safe, comfortable and entertained.


Blend a traditional, colonial legacy with the best of luxury at Jaagir Lodge, where you’ll be served a complete safari experience on your plate. With a stunning setting, and a wonderfully crafted menu to tease your appetite, you’re given a complete epicurean experience. From a delectable amalgamation of global cuisines to the home-cooked, time-tested recipes of the hills, your taste buds will travel too. At TUTC, brace yourselves for an in-house bakery, complimentary in-house culinary lessons, fresh and organic local produce, and mouth-watering delicacies whipped up by world-class chefs.

The Ultimate Experiences:

Safari – Tiger Safari & Elephant Rides

Explore the untouched greenery as you opt for an elephant safari

Explore the untouched wild with our optional elephant safari through the national parks near Dudhwa

Witness the unpredictability of jungle life, as you opt for a tiger and elephant safari. The parks’ thick forests and extensive marshlands boast of an amazing range of wild creatures. Though mostly elusive, sightings of the royal Bengal tiger, leopard, swamp deer, and fishing cat are fairly common in Dudhwa and make for an absolutely thrilling experience.

Tribal Tours – Of Temples, Villages & Warm People

Spend time with the Tharu tribe and learn about the traditions and customs they follow

When in Dudhwa, spend time with the Tharu tribe and learn about their traditions and customs

Unlock Terai’s unique spirit with TUTC’s tailor-made excursions, crafted exclusively for wildlife and photography enthusiasts. Interact with the resident naturalists, spend time with the skillful Tharu tribe, cycle around sugarcane farms, visit the frog temple, or just enjoy some bird-watching across the Sharada River.

If playing hide-and-seek with the wild and admiring nature’s beauty is your kind of perfect holiday, then look no further. TUTC’s latest offering, the Jaagir Lodge at Dudhwa National Park, offers only the best glamourous wildlife getaways for priceless moments that you will cherish forever.

Love what you saw? Come, visit the Jaagir Lodge at Dudhwa and blend wildlife with luxury and unforgettable experiences at The Ultimate Travelling Camp!


Discover the grandeur of Dudhwa, from 19th December 2017 to 15th June 2018. We also setup tents in Nagaland from November 29 to December 12, to coincide with the dates of the Hornbill festival. We are even operational in Ladakh from the May 15 to October 10, to book yourself a glamping experience call +91 801 090 2222 or write to us at

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