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Have any travel stories, experiences, and photographs you wish to share with the rest of the world? Use our platform to do just that! Get in touch with us to find out what it is that we gladly accept into TUTC Guest Posts.

The kind of Guest Posts we accept:

  • Original posts related to travel and food. We also accept third-party restaurant and travel book reviews. Blatant self-promotion will not be accepted. There’s always Facebook (and About the Author) for that!
  • Posts should have a minimum word count of at least 500 words.
  • Well written, insightful and grammatically correct posts have a better shot at being featured.
  • Posts should preferably be written in the first person and talk about YOUR holiday experience.
  • We also accept photo features. Photos have to be original, and you should own the rights to them.
  • The TUTC team reserves the right to edit posts before they go up, or to reject them. To get an idea of the type of posts we feature, please tale a look at the other posts on our blog.
  • Please send a photograph of yourself with a paragraph that talks “About the Author”. This bio will appear at the end of your article and will help people get to know you better. We allow one link to your blog or site in this space.

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PS: We allow only ONE URL in the Author Bio