Photo Blog: The Ultimate Wildlife Experience In Dudhwa

Ever experienced your heart pounding on an encounter with the wild? How about migratory birds greeting you on nature trails, being watched curiously by the almost-extinct one-horned rhinoceros, and being invited to villages, where local clans display their tradition with pride? This is what you get when you #UnHolidayAtDudhwa with TUTC, blending the best of nature and luxury during your stay at the impeccable Jaagir Lodge.

The Jaagir Lodge, Dudhwa

The Jaagir Lodge, Dudhwa,

The Animals Of Dudhwa

At TUTC Dudhwa, you get to experience inspired jungle living with a host of guided tours that uncover the true spirit of the Terai region. Embark on invigorating safaris that take you across four forest reserves that are home to a number of wild animals, including tigers, the endangered one-horned rhinos, Asiatic and Indian elephants, and albino spotted deer, apart from gharials, fresh water turtles, Gangetic dolphins, and more. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the amazing animals that could cross your path as you #UnHolidayAtDudhwa.


The eye of the Tiger.

In Dudhwa’s forest reserves, you can often spot Bengal Tigers basking in the sun after a good meal.


Catch a glimpse of the gharial, also known as the gavial or fish-eating crocodile

Often seen on the riverbanks in Dudhwa, the now endangered gharial can grow to up to 7 metres in length

Single-Horned Rhinoceros

Dudhwa is home to one-horned rhinos, isn't it exciting to spot this almost extinct species?

Spotting the rare one-horned rhinoceros, an almost extinct species, is an exciting experience in Dudhwa!


The elusive leopard is one of the five species in the genus Panthera

In Dudhwa, you may see leopards, a species made vulnerable due to excessive poaching, fragmentation and habitat decline


A common sight in Dudhwa, the barasingha also called swamp deer, has been termed a 'vulnerable' species

A common sight in Dudhwa, the barasingha or the swamp deer has been termed a ‘vulnerable’ species


Watch the most majestic of mammals, the elephant here

The most majestic of mammals, elephants can be seen strolling about freely in Dudhwa’s national parks


Spot a chameleon sitting motionlessly on a tree branch

If you look carefully, you can catch sight of chameleons, sitting motionlessly on a nearby tree in Dudhwa


Spotted Deer

Perhaps the most beautiful of all deer, herds of the Spotted Deer can be seen wandering about the jungle in Dudhwa

The Birds Of Dudhwa

You may also chance upon some of the 500 species of rare birds that are found here, such as drongos, silver-bill munia, baya weaver, cinnamon bittern, and more. Whether you are a seasoned bird watcher, or simply curious, Jaagir Lodge is the perfect spot to indulge yourself in the hobby of bird watching. The region is as famous for its exotic birds, both resident and migratory, as it is for its royal tigers. You may choose to walk, cycle or enjoy a drive through the reserve to explore the area sprinkled with streams, ponds, brooks, grassland and fields.

Every winter, River Sharda witnesses an annual migration, a true spectacle of nature, where thousands of bar-headed geese, shell drakes, pochards and tufted ducks, visit the flood plains, making it their annual wintering and breeding ground. Board a small canoe and admire the birds and animals from close quarters. Here’s a glimpse of the ultimate birdwatching experience you can expect as you #UnHolidayAtDudhwa.

Emerald Dove

Spot this widespread resident bird, the Emerald Dove in Dudhwa

A fairly common resident bird, the Emerald Dove is a cheerful sight amid the lush greenery of Dudhwa

Green Bee Eater

The exquisite little bird, the green bee eater is commonly found here

The exquisite little bird, the green bee eater is a common sight in Dudhwa’s nearby national parks

Grey-Headed Fish Eagle

A smallish to medium-sized but quite bulky, the grey headed fish eagle is a sight to the sore eyes

Smallish to medium-sized, but quite bulky, the grey-headed fish eagle is a sight for sore eyes in Dudhwa

Rufous Treepie

The rufous treepie is an arboreal omnivore commonly found in Dudhwa

A member of the crow family, the colourful long-tailed Rufous Treepie is known for its loud musical calls

Magpie Robin

Magpie Robins are garden and forest dwelling species found in Africa and Asia

Spotted in Dudhwa, Magpie Robins are a garden- and forest-dwelling species found in Africa and Asia

Jungle Foul Male

The male junglefowls are the wild ancestors of all domestic poultry, found in Dudhwa

The vibrant male jungle fowls found in Dudhwa are known as the wild ancestors of all domestic poultry!

Come, enjoy a luxurious stay at the Jaagir Lodge in Dudhwa and meet these magical creatures at The Ultimate Travelling Camp! Set within dense jungles of the Terai region, this luxury holiday combines colonial flair with the raw experiences of living in the wild. The jungles, located between the Himalayas and the great plains of India, are teeming with an abundance of rare birds and wildlife, promising guests the ultimate wildlife experience.

Make this unique experience your own with inspired jungle living at TUTC Dudhwa!

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