Stories From The Camp: Cultural Evenings

Why glamp at The Ultimate Travelling Camp? Our resident blogger, Rupert Winchester, says do it for the the unique experiences. Here’s him listing down one of his favourite experiences at the camp.

The cultural evenings at TUTC are the best

The cultural evenings at TUTC are the best

One of the great things about The Ultimate Travelling Camp is how everything they do involves the importance of experiences. It’s not just the luxury: the super-soft beds, the four-course haute cuisine dinners, the dedicated butlers and chauffeur-driven cars; in the end, what TUTC offers is experiences that will last you a lifetime.

It’s the guided trips to time-worn local monasteries, the personal meetings with oracles brimming with ancient wisdom, the rafting trips through vast canyons, the bike rides down huge and remote valleys. Everything that you can do here is destined to remain in your mind forever.

The troop getting ready for their performance

The troop getting ready for their performance

And it’s the little things, the kepong players who serenade you gently at dinner, the barbecues on the outside deck with tempura prawns and vegetables and the best chicken tikka in the world, a glass of something cold in your hand as you watch the sun set in a riot of colour across the mountains.

And the cultural evenings, outside, under a blanket of stars. TUTC gets a troupe of local dancers to come and perform for the guests. Dressed in their traditional Ladakhi costumes, gorgeously embroidered, the men and women perform dances and sing songs drawn directly from their traditional way of life. Songs for ploughing and songs for drinking, songs for clearing streams and songs for gathering the crops; gentle and fascinating slices of their ancient way of life.

The cultural evenings at TUTC are the best

The Ladakhi locals have a dance for every occasion & it’s a delight to watch them perform it

Their high, clear voices bubble up into the evening skies, telling stories of love and agriculture, of ancient gods and villages and markets and hunger and of everything that they know and love.

It is an intoxicating spectacle, to watch these beautiful dances and listen to their lovely songs as the sun reddens the distant mountain sides and their voices echo through the groves of trees and up into the darkening skies. It is an unrepeatable experience.

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TUTC operates in Ladakh during the summer months i.e. from 15th May to 10th October and in Nagaland from 29th Nov to 12th Dec to coincide with the Hornbill Festival!  To book this luxurious experience, call +91 801 090 2222 or write to us at

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    Susie August 13, 2017 (2:00 am)

    Love your description of the TUTC Ladakh experiences Rupert. I could almost feel the wind in my face as the ponies raced across the terrain in the polo match. I want to watch the stars from this special place one day.

    • comment-avatar
      TUTC August 22, 2018 (11:54 am)

      Hi Susie,

      We would be more than pleased to have you here at our Chamba Camps in Ladakh. You can also choose to glamp with us at Nagaland, Dudhwa and Hampi. Please feel free to write/call us for any queries regarding your travel interests.

      Thank You.