Ultimate Experiences At Chamba Camp, Diskit

Rustic, exotic and unexplored, the village of Diskit rests in tranquility, waiting for someone to venture beyond the cold desert and uncover its lost tales. And Chamba Camp, Diskit, aims to do just that. Under the watchful eyes of the Maitreya Buddha, we set up camp with the most exclusive amenities and introduce our guests to the gorgeous setting of Nubra Valley. Our glamping holidays come with individually climate-controlled tents, ensuite bathrooms, personalised butler services, gourmet cuisine and excursions that are as exclusive as our setting. You picnic in the middle of the Hunder desert, have breakfast under the protective shade of the Himalayas, witness starlit skies and tune in to your spiritual side. At TUTC, we customise the perfect glamping experience for you. Come experience Ladakh with us!

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TUTC operates in Ladakh during the summer months i.e. from 15th May to 10th October and in Nagaland from 29th Nov to 12th Dec to coincide with the Hornbill Festival!  To book this luxurious experience, call +91 801 090 2222 or write to us at info@tutc.com

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