VIDEO: Ultimate Experiences At Chamba Camp, Thiksey

In the midst of craggy peaks lies a lush green oasis where imposing monasteries follow you around and wake up calls come in the form of morning chants. Here adventure awaits at every corner and city chaos is replaced with serenity and peace. This is where we set up our tents. Our campsite in Thiksey offers a plethora of experiences that take you a journey within yourself and around Ladakh. From arranging a private session with a Ladakhi oracle to attending the morning prayer ceremony at the Thiksey monastery and from watching a polo game to tackling rapids on a rafting adventure, we customise the perfect glamping experience for you! And that’s not all, each of our tents come with individually climate- controlled tents, ensuite bathrooms, personalised butler services and gourmet cuisine. So what are you waiting for? Come experience Ladakh with us!

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TUTC operates in Ladakh during the summer months i.e. from 15th May to 10th October and in Nagaland from 29th Nov to 12th Dec to coincide with the Hornbill Festival!  To book this luxurious experience, call +91 801 090 2222 or write to us at

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